Recruitment Policy

Dar es Salaam International Academy Recruitment Policy 2018/19

Process for interested Candidates

At DIA we are continuously looking for new academic teaching staff to join our team. We look for candidates that are professional, innovative and passionate about education. 

DIA usually undergoes the majority of its recruiting between November - March of every academic year, all vacant posts will be published on the website. Please specially refer to the post you are interested in if applying. 

Teachers who would like to apply to DIA must follow the below steps and have the minimum qualifications listed below. 

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelors in Education - or anything equivalent to a teaching degree
  • 2 years experience 

DIA aims to complete a recruitment cycle from Step 1 to 5 within two working weeks.

Step 1:

Applicant to email CV (which includes contact details for at least 2 references of the last 3 positions held) and cover letter of maximum one A4 page including the following (but not limited to):

a) Motivation for applying for the position at DIA

b) Outlining main achievements as a teacher

c) Outlining skills and strengths as a teacher

d) Outlining any experience or knowledge about the IB programs

e) Outlining what can be offered to the school outside the classroom (extra-curricular, professional development etc.)

f) Reasons for moving to Tanzania if abroad and outlining any experience living in a developing country

g) How long they intend to live and work in Tanzania and whether they have a spouse, significant other or dependents that they would be moving with

CV and cover letter should be emailed to:

Mr Gurvinder Jaswant (Secondary Principal) - or Ms. Fawzya Hirji (Primary Principal) - & Ms. Shaista Juma, Executive Director -

Step 2:

CV and cover letter to be reviewed by Principals and Executive Director, as well as the respective Coordinator of the department applicant is interested in.

Successful Review

If it is felt the applicant is a viable candidate for the position, they will receive the following information, from the Principals.

Dear ________________,

Congratulations, we feel your CV and covering letter reflect the position up for recruitment.

Please find attached:

  • Salary Scale Overview

We also require, you to complete the Interested Candidate form attached.


If you fail to respond within 3 – 5 working days, it will be assumed you are not interested in the position.

Unsuccessful Review

If it is felt the applicant does not fit into the role being advertised, they will receive the following information:

  • Thank you email from Principal

Step 3:

Applicant will undergo an interview with the Coordinator of the Department.

Successful Interview

If the Coordinator felt the interview went successfully and the reference sheet (s) reflect the CV and interview s/he will formally inform in writing to the Principals within two (2) working days via email, who in turn will setup a second interview with the applicant to review:

- Administrative Matters

- Contracts

- Work Permit Details

- Background of DIA

- Overview of Dar es Salaam

- Any other questions the applicant may have

Unsuccessful Interview

If the Coordinator felt the interview did not go successfully s/he will formally inform in writing to the Principal within two (2) working days via email, who in turn will decide whether a second interview will be conducted. If decided against the Principal will email the applicant to inform them that DIA will not be continuing the interview process.

Step 4:

If the interview with the Principal goes successfully, s/he will formally inform the Executive Director within two (2) working days via email, who in turn will decide whether DIA will formally offer the position. If yes, the applicant will receive an offer letter as well as a request to submit a police clearance letter from the current country of employment.

Step 5:

Upon accepting the position at DIA, the applicant will receive:

- Contract

- Welcome Pack

- Permit Documentation

- Welcome email from Coordinator

- Curriculum Documentation from Coordinator

- Orientation Week schedule & requirements when finalized

- Faculty Handbook when finalized

- Health Insurance information

- Housing information