How to Apply

After reading DIA's Admissions Policy, as well as reviewing our admissions requirements, you can complete this online application form. Please note you will be contacted to provide all additional information DIA may require such as, report cards and confidential reports. If you need any additional information please contact our Admissions Team:


To download our Application Form, please click here


In addition to the application form, if you are applying to DIA, please download the KG Confidential report and Grades 1 - 12 Confidential Report.

1: Family Information

2: Application for Admission


3: Student Information


4: Students Previous Education History

School Details


5: Students Academic History


6: Student Language Information


7: Company Information


8: Contact Information

If email is your chosen form of contact please ensure DIA is informed if email addresses change.

9: Billing Information


10: Emergency Contact Information


11: Student Health and Emergency Treatment Form


12: Terms and Conditions for Accepting a Place at DIA

1. I agree that this application form is completed accurately and honestly with all information required.

2. I ensure and agree to mine and my child’s commitment to embody the IB Learner Profile.

3. I understand that failure to disclose any relevant information or altering of documents can lead to acceptance of my child in DIA to be withdrawn.

4. I have read the DIA Mission Statement.

5. I agree that my child will abide by all the rules and regulations of DIA including, but not limited to the the following: Uniform Policy, Late/Absence Policy and Behavior Policy

6. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of DIA in relation to the following: Security Policy and Car Parking Policy

7. I agree to attend all parent/teacher conferences and any meetings regarding my child.

8. I understand that throughout the year DIA arranges a number of academic field trips, which are an integral part of DIA 's curriculum. I agree to ensure my child's participation.

9. I ensure my child's participation in at least one extra curricular activity per term.

10. I understand my child must participate fully in all subjects offered at DIA.

11. I confirm that I have read and fully understand the fee payment terms, guidelines and refunds enclosed in the DIA package.

12. I understand that any offer of acceptance in DIA is contingent on space being available.

13. I understand that DIA reserves the right to determine the placement of my child in the grade level or subject judged most appropriate for my child's school experience and age.

14. I understand DIA does not provide any insurance for loss of personal possessions. I understand my child is responsible for his/her personal possessions.

15. I understand that all required documentation must be completed and submitted to DIA before acceptance will be given to my child.

16. I understand that not following the above terms and conditions can lead to acceptance of my child inDIA to be withdrawn.


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