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At DIA quality teaching and learning is demonstrated by the commitment of practitioners to continually reflect, model and share best practice, in order to support student achievement and the ongoing pedagogical development of the curriculum.




High-quality learning at DIA is demonstrated by:

  • Participation in open-minded, authentic, and constructive communication
  • Effective engagement, interest, and a commitment to learning
  • Development and application of Approaches to Learning skills
  • Higher-order thinking, problem solving and inquiry
  • Exploring challenging and unfamiliar content and contexts
  • Regular and purposeful reflection




Quality curriculum at DIA is a roadmap developed by practitioners, whereby progression through the programmes is fluid and current. The building blocks are conceptual, contextual, skills-based, inclusive and holistic. The curriculum is comprised of rigor, and assessment is continual, challenging, and provides relevant depth and breadth. 




Dar es Salaam International Academy is an inclusive school whose teaching and learning practices encompass a variety of strategies, including arts and technology integration. Dar es Salaam International Academy follows an enriched international curriculum and teachers are committed to attending to the social and developmental needs of the child.

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