DIA opened its doors in 2003 with only four students, and has been growing since then. Every academic year DIA has evolved, and currently is an IB World School (authorised to deliver the IB Secondary since 2010 & IB PYP since 2014, and IB DP since 2017). DIA has 35+ nationalities within our learning community, inclusive of students and staff and currently has approximately 300 students enrolled. We value our family-like feel and our links to our host country.

Field Trips/Study Tours

Field trips are an integral part of learning at DIA for both PYP & Secondary students. Not only do our students learn more about themselves but they also learn about teamwork, communication and cooperation. Within the PYP Department from KG – Grade 3, students participate in field trips every term, in and around Dar es Salaam. In Grades 4 & 5 PYP students have the opportunity to go on an overnight field trip within Tanzania, as well as participate in domestic trips. Secondary students not only participate in field trips around Dar es Salaam, they also participate in overnight trips within Tanzania as well as upper Secondary having the unique opportunity to participate in an international trip.


The Arts at DIA is an essential part of our community, and a focus throughout the school, both within the classrooms as well as our external environment. PYP & Secondary students participate in Visual Arts classes, Performing Arts classes, Dance as well as Music. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves in a multitude of ways, and are encouraged to discover not only themselves, but also their hidden talents, through classes as well as activities.


As the world becomes more and more linked, DIA students are encouraged to utilize technology in ways that not only help them academically, but also to stay tuned to what is going on in the world around them. PYP students have regular ICT sessions, as well as access to Online Resources. Teachers use technology within their classrooms to support teaching and assessing. Within the Secondary students are regularly utlising the computer labs, as well as their personal computers, they have access to various online resources and many of their assessments, teaching and learning is directly linked to technology that they use in their daily lives. Teaching responsible digital citizenship is a vital skill for today’s students.

DIA Staff

DIA’s teaching team and staff are the heart of the school. Hailing from all over the world, they bring with them a multitude of knowledge and skills. With over 40 teaching staff and 15 administrative and support staff, DIA is always abuzz with activity. With our open door policy DIA’s staff is always available to answer and concerns or questions.

Parent/Guardian Community

DIA’s parent/guardian community is a vital part of the school. Parental involvement is encouraged, and regular workshops are conducted by the PYP and Secondary Departments to ensure that parents/guardians feel part of the school and their child’s learning process. It is extremely important that communication and cooperation is regular between school and home, and DIA values its involved parents/guardians

Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile is central to the DIA school community and displayed within classrooms as well as around campus. Reminding ourselves, as well as those who enter the DIA campus, the importance of developing and nurturing the ten (10) IB Learner Profile attributes is an essential part of being within the DIA Community.